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consultingIT WORKS being driven by its fundamental objective, which is the appropriate guidance of its Customer in Information Technology and Telecommunications related issues, undertakes the provision of consulting services that targets the organization, the reliability and the continual advancement of the Information Technology infrastructure, improving the competitiveness of your Company, which in the contemporary business reality is integrally related to the efficient utilization of Information Technology.
Our consulting services commence with the identification and comprehension of your organizational needs and then we continue with the analysis and assessment of the available choices. In addition, we plan and suggest the finest organizational solution under the perspective of cost efficiency and maximum effectiveness that fully satisfies your demands, as far as installation, extension or upgrade of hardware is concerned, as well as software. Given that the suggested solution is accepted, during the proceeding phase and accordingly to a basis of a timetable, we take up the supervision, the coordination and the implementation of the project. The installation of the new system will be followed by the methodical training of your executive manpower and in the future there will be continual support of the system.

In summary we display the stages of the methodology we follow during the implementation of a new project or the upgrade of a pre-existing one:

  • Assessment of the current situation
  • Identification of needs
  • Solution Design
  • Economic-technical study
  • Proposal of the solution
  • Acceptance of the proposed solution
  • Timetable of project
  • Implementation of project
  • Training in the new Information Technology system
  • Support

Our consulting services do not only rest upon the undertaking of a new project or the extension and upgrade of a pre-existing one, but also extend upon to what is needed to add value to the Information Technology infrastructure of your business, obtaining strategic and competitive advantage against your organizational adversaries.

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