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In IT WORKS we are aware that nowadays Information Technology depicts a useful and important tool in the hands of the contemporary Businessman. In this sense, we believe that for a tool to be able to be effective it must be checked and maintained at a regular basis, so does you Information Technology system. We are all aware that, in many cases, the absence of maintenance and support has resulted in the irretrievable loss of important data, and unfortunately in some cases it has even led to the system’s complete collapse. For these reasons, precautionary maintenance and in general the provision of technical support services portray one of our company’s core activities.

These services apply to Hardware, as well as Software and target:

  • Equipment’s precautionary maintenance
  • Restoration of the system’s operation in case of a malfunction
  • Reassurance of equipment’s maximum efficiency.

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More analytically, we display that technical support is either offered on call, or with an annual contract.

Restoration of the system’s operation in case of a malfunction can be achieved through a) repair on site at the Customer’s premises, if plausible, b) at our company’s premises, after the delivery of the devise from your company and c) via telephone, in cases of dealing with small-scale problems.

Reassurance of equipment’s maximum efficiency and thereby of your investment will be achieved through the high quality standards of our services and is guaranteed by our experience and expertise.

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